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The Daikin US7 is an abbreviation of its original product name in Japan, Ururu Sarara 7. The English translation of ‘Ururu Sarara’ refers both to the humidification and dehumidification functions that distinguish this split system from every other. Packed with advanced technology that you’d expect from a Daikin, it’s Australia’s most energy efficient split system. To enjoy a comfortable indoor climate, you need more than just a pleasant temperature. Precise adjustment of both the humidity level and ventilation in a room is also important, but until now this has not been available in conventional air conditioners. The Daikin US7 split air conditioning system however, can not only heat or cool one room of a home but is also capable of humidifying, dehumidifying, ventilating, and purifying the indoor air. Built with energy efficient technology, it’s the perfect solution for ideal living conditions all year round. The Daikin US7 is the most energy efficient split system air conditioner in Australia* with a 7-star ‘super efficiency’ rating using all new R32 refrigerant.

Reverse cycle – Heating and cooling

Automatic Self Cleaning – An internal brush automatically removes dust from US7’s air filter, helping maintain stable airflow and reducing power consumption, which increases when filters are blocked or dirty. Dust is collected in a convenient, easy to empty container.

Ventilation – Unlike a conventional system, US7 brings filtered outside air into your room, and can fill a 26m2 room with filtered outside air in less than two hours. Furthermore, the incoming air is brought to the desired temperature for enhanced comfort. The air supply fan is located in the outdoor unit, which minimises indoor noise.

Coanda Airflow – US7’s advanced air control surface design creates what is known as the Coanda Effect, for more effective air circulation. The Coanda Effect streams air upwards along the ceiling, avoiding furniture and obstructions to ‘throw’ conditioned air up to 12 metres to the far wall. Coanda airflow also helps create a circular airflow for more even, efficient temperature distribution.

Humidification -Apart from leaving you feeling cold, dry air can also cause sore throats or dry skin. The US7’s ability to introduce humidity into the space helps you feel warmer at lower temperatures.

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